Milestone Studioz (Games Drill) Privacy Policy

Game Name- Word Crush Brain Puzzle

Your privacy is important to us.

As an Indie game developer, we are operating globally. We strictly comply with Indian privacy laws, and we also strive for global best practices.

Children: You may be young, but you need to be smart. That is the prime rule of online safety. You should be very careful while sharing your information online. For things you are uncertain of, guidance of your elders is always advised. You should take extreme care while exchanging photos, email-ids, addresses, etc. with someone, over the Internet. Don’t lay your trust on anyone (online) very easily. Innumerous cheats and thugs surf the Internet looking for victims.


Parents: We are utterly dedicated in protecting user information. We treat information shared with us by users with complete confidentiality. Parents/guardians may rest assured that information shared with us is completely secured. However, we support the idea of parents/guardians monitoring online activities of their children. Below is the detailed information on children’s privacy terms.


1. Information that we collect:

1.1 Information that you give us –
We only receive and store information you give us, such as:
• download related information of our word games
• interaction with us on social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
• information entered on our Website.
• Subscription to our newsletters or other information feeds
• Access Purchase Services through an online store.
• make an in-app purchase and buy hints.
• request technical support or contact us directly for any other need, or
• give us your information in some other way.

1.2 Information Collected Automatically –
When you interact with us, we receive certain types of information that we store automatically. They are:
• information about the ways you use our Services. We utilize this information for introspection and subsequent betterment of our games, social feature, services, in fact anything that seem to need improvement.
• information that tells us about the device you are using while accessing our Services – information like the model of the phone, operating system, screen resolution, web browser, IP address, Media Access Control (MAC) address, Advertising Identifier, language information and technical information such as cookies and randomly generated unique identifiers (i.e. DB ID, Device ID). Cookies can be disabled in your web or phone browser settings. However, in doing so you might not be able to enjoy all the features of our Services.
• Access to media/photos/files in your phone in order to accessorize users with picture puzzles in the game.
• if you use “tell a friend,” “email this page,” or use any other similar features, we will collect information required to perform this feature for you.

1.3 Information From Third Parties –
We also collect information about you from third parties, such as Apple, Facebook, Google, etc. The information we collect from them helps us deliver services that you have requested for. For that matter we collect the following information:
• when you purchase our Services via Google Play Store, or other Storefront, we receive information such as which country you are in and what package you have bought from the play store.
• when you use in-app features & Game Center, we collect information such as your user name.

2. How Do We Use Your Information?

The information we collect you are put to specific uses:
• The information we collect from you is used to perform the specific purpose it was collected – while buying our merchandise we use your information to complete the purchase, etc.
• We collect your information to deliver our Services to you.
• Collecting information from you helps us personalize game content and continually improve your experience of using our Services.
• We need your information to offer our Services to you and to inform you about new Service offerings, updates, and other information about our Services that might be relevant to you.
• With the information we collect from you, we use it to advertise our Services to you.
• We use your collected information to aggregate de-identified information across the different Services offered by us.
• Your information helps us in performing our own analytics and then enabling analytics provided by third parties. Analytical information helps us in business analysis and operations; it also helps us in advertising and making recommendations.

In order to develop and develop target advertisements, we may provide aggregated or anonymous information to third parties. Providing personal information to advertisers is something we don’t practice.
Information provided by you will be used to verify your compliance with our Terms of Service.

2.1 When Do We Disclose Information

Albeit it is unlikely of us disclosing your personal information, there are circumstances when we might disclose your personal information. Following are the circumstances when we may disclose your personal information:
• if we are required or asked to disclose your personal information by law or by any law enforcement agency.
• for certain services that we provide like in-app purchases, etc. your personal information needs to be shared with third-parties for us to provide you the service. The third-parties include payment processors and hosting services. We direct all our business partners to protect your privacy and to comply with privacy laws. For more information about third-party services please read below in the Third Party Services section.
• we may also disclose your personal information to avoid, lessen or prevent a serious emergency or crime.

If in any case we use or disclose your personal information, we will make a written record of such use or disclosure.

2.2 Children Privacy –
Knowingly we never contact or collect information from children under the age of 13. Please contact us if you feel we have inadvertently collected information about your children. We will promptly obtain your consent or delete the acquired information.
Child-safe Games:
• We do not have any registration process.
• We do not practice the collection of personally identifiable information.
• We do not ask for your email, zip, age, post code, or username.
• We do not promote running sweepstakes or contests that requires personal information.
• We have not include social sharing i.e., no links to Facebook, Twitter, or Gamecentre.
• We do not have chat or message boards or any other functions that allows users to post content.
• We do not promote links to external sites or apps.

2.3 Third Party Services

While using our Services, you might as well use services provided by third parties – such as Facebook, Twitter, or any other companies that advertise in our games. We have no control over how they use your information. We highly recommend that you ensure you agree to the terms of service of the third party before providing them with your information. We are not liable if a third party uses any information you provide them. We ask of you to be careful while sharing your information when using any third-party services.

We work various business partners. In some cases, information collected from you may be shared through these partnerships. We direct our business partners to comply with all applicable laws while handling your information, which we may share with them.

We also have business partners outside India. Some third parties with whom we actively share user information and site usage data are listed below (this list is subjected to change):

Google Analytics, Read their Privacy Policy
Applovin (Advertisement), Located in California

2.4 Marketing, In-app Purchases & Opting-Out

2.4.1 Direct Marketing –
We may use your information to update you about our services and other news related to us – like launching of new games, or organizing of any of our events.

2.4.2 In-app Purchase –
We have in-app purchase in some of our games (Word Crush). For examples, you can purchase hints in the game that you may require to progress in the game. If in any instance you don’t want to make in-app purchases, opt to not use these paid services and consider disabling in-app purchases feature on your device.

2.4.3 Opting-out –
There are also ways that would help you to opt-out of our services. Consider the following opt-out options:
• for every email we send, there will be an unsubscribe link to it.
• you can opt-out of using any social media linked through our games or apps.
• if you need help opting-out please contact us at

2.5 Storage & Security –
We don’t store any crucial personal information.
Both your and our security is important to us. We are inclined towards protecting any information you provide as well as our information in all the best possible ways. However, we cannot deny the inherent risks of transmitting information over the Internet. There is always a possibility that we might be hacked. It is very important that you know the level of risk you are in before sharing any information with us or using any of our Services. If you are not comfortable with this risk, please refrain from using our Services.

2.6 Access & Correction –
You have the right and may always have access to your personal information. You can do that by sending a written to our Privacy Officer by mail to Milestone Studioz, E-28, Sector – 3, Noida, 201301, India, or by sending an email to

For any change in your information let us know; we’ll make the necessary updated in our records. You can also let us know if you want to de-activate your records with us. We will do that for you.

3. Complaints

Please contact us whenever you have concerns or complaints regarding your privacy. You can do that by:

1. Sending a written request to our Privacy Officer by mail to –
Milestone Studioz, E-28, Sector-3, Noida, 201301, India.
2. Or, sending an email to

4. Updates to this Policy

Every now and then we will make necessary updates to this Privacy Policy. The updates will take effect from the date of its issue on our website at Please check regularly for updates.

5. Addendum: Definitions

Advertising Identifier –
It is a unique ID that is generated for your device. It is used to track activity by advertising companies to improve their service in game.

Google Analytics –
To understand game analytics, we use Google Analytics Services. We use interpretation and interpolation of unidentified data to predict and isolate trends relating to game play and app usage.

Disable –
You can send specific requests to remove and further restrict access by our services.

Game Services –
Google Services for global and local leaderboard retains information regarding your game play statistics that is shared with you. The information includes high scores, global leader boards, friend’s lists and in-game achievements.

In-app purchase –
It is an in-game mechanism that allows exchanging real money for virtual goods or services provided inside the game.

Milestone Studioz (“us”) –
Milestone Studioz., its assignees, licensees, successors in title and subsidiaries.

Media Access Control (MAC) address –
It is a unique identifier assigned to the network interfaces for communications on the physical network layer.

Services –
We offer various services within our games and other related services mentioned in our website.

We provide an online business presence for sales. We work with Google Play storefronts as their primary storefront for sales but our games are also available on Amazon App Store.

Terms of Service –
These are the pre-defined rules, conducts, and standards that users must comply with in order to use the service.

Third Party Services 
These are services provided by independent service providers. These service providers are not owned or controlled by Milestone Studioz.